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expander, compressor, refrigeration, energy recovery, performance improvement


The Cross Vane mechanism was recently invented and employed in the design and development of an expander-compressor unit, named Cross Vane expander-compressor or CVEC in short. This device replaces the compressor and expansion valve of a conventional vapour compression cycle, and improves the energy efficiency of the system. Theoretical models which include geometrical, thermodynamics, mass flow, as well as mechanical loss models are developed to characterize the performance of CVEC. Numerical simulation was performed, and the results show that the device is capable of reducing the energy consumption and the peak power requirement of the refrigeration system. Energy saving and peak power reduction of up to 18.0% and 3.8% respectively is achievable with the introduction of CVEC. In addition, due to its unique rotating cylinder design the mechanical losses in CVEC are relatively low. Its mechanical efficiency is calculated to be up to 96.5%.

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Modelling and Simulation of the Dynamics of Cross Vane Expander-Compressor Unit for Vapour Compression Cycle