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expander, compressor, refrigeration, energy recovery, performance improvement


A new type of expander-compressor system called Cross Vane expander-compressor (CVEC) was introduced. This device replaces the expansion valve and compressor in conventional refrigeration systems to reduce the energy consumption and improve the coefficient of performance (COP) of the system. As opposed to many expander-compressor systems in the literature, whereby a separated expander is coupled to a separated compressor of the same or different mechanism, the novel Cross Vane mechanism performs both the function of expander and compressor in a single mechanism. Therefore, one machine is built rather than two as required in the former system. This has significant advantages on the manufacturing process and mechanical efficiency. In this paper, the design and working principle of CVEC are presented and the comparison between the novel CVEC and various types of rotary expander-compressor systems are discussed.

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Introduction of the Novel Cross Vane Expander-Compressor Unit for Vapour Compression Cycle