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rotary compressor, eccentric bearing, trajectory, numerically simulation


This paper numerically and experimentally analyzed mechanical loss of an eccentric bearing to improve mechanical efficiency of a rotary compressor. On the basis of dynamic analysis on eccentric bearing, the dynamic load of the eccentricity bearing was solved, and the lubrication of eccentric bearing was analyzed. The trajectory of the bearing was calculated to analyze the fluid dynamic lubrication of the bearing in order to find out which parts may be wear. The numerical results show that an eccentric bearing with cut off frictional surface gives higher mechanical efficiency than that of a normal eccentric bearing. The experimental results showed increase in coefficient of performance (COP) by 0.6% which correspond to the numerical results. In addition, to confirm the reliability of an eccentric bearing with cut off frictional surface, we did the reliability test under conditions of optimum shape. This paper concludes that an eccentric bearing with an optimum shape is effective for obtaining higher efficiency.

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Hydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Eccentric Bearing in Rotary Compressor