Development of High Efficiency Rotary Compressor by Adopting a New Manufacturing Method.

Masao Tani
Toshinori Arai
Taro Kato


Reduction of leakage loss by reducing the height of the cylinder is an effective method to improve efficiency in a rotary compressor. There are, however, few challenges we must face by doing so. Below are some problems for reducing the height of the cylinder. 1) In order to keep the same stroke volume, the diameter of the rolling piston needs to be reduced. This change will create a space between M. plate and the compression chamber. 2)Due to the reduction of the area of suction mass flow passage, compression loss at suction side will increase. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a new structure of suction mass flow passage and a new assembly method. We were able to achieve higher efficiency by reducing the height of the cylinder by 20%.