Identification of Energy Path in the Interaction between Compressor and Refrigerator

Giovanni Bratti
Otávio Santini Junior
Edmar Baars
Renato Barbieri
Claudio Pellegrini


Refrigeration equipments, in particular domestic refrigerators, are devices that are present in our day to day. Often, these devices are very close to our workplaces, laser or rest, where the noise produced by such sources can be intense enough to cause discomforting sensations, fatigue, or even to prejudice the communication between the people. Thus, the concern with the noise produced from these devices has gained a great importance both for consumers and for manufacturers of refrigerators. Thinking in area of control of noise and vibrations, is of great importance the precise knowledge about the dynamic behavior of the components of the refrigerator, and the iteration between them, so that efficient designs and / or optimization can be realized. Many difficulties have been encountered in the identifying the main means of propagation of vibration energy and acoustic energy in a refrigerator. Thus, this paper presents a study about identification of energy path in the interaction between compressor and refrigerator, using experimental techniques of "elimination" of energy paths from compressor. The results and conclusions, related to the end of the work, show the level of importance of the contribution of each path in the total noise of a refrigerator, showing goods evidences of the main paths to invest and reduce the total noise.