Numerical Study on the Oil Pump System of Rotary Compressor

Chunhui Liu
Yuanming Yuan
Yanzhen Wang


Oil pump lubrication system is an essential part of compressor to ensure the normal operation. During the process of compressor running, lubricant system can form oil film on surface of moving parts to decrease friction and reduce abrasion and occlusion. In order to meet the lubrication requirements, we must design pump oil structure reasonable. However, oil lubricating and circulating process is a complex and dynamic process, only if through experimental study to understand the characteristics of each components in oil lubrication system is very difficult. Therefore, in this article, we use commercial software CFD to research the best pump structure. In order to study the pump oil performance, we adopt the gas-liquid two-phase model to research the lubricating oil rising process and the flow of each oil hole in different speed.