A New Design of the Tooth Profile for Single Screw Compressors

Jian Li
Feilong Liu
Quanke Feng
Weifeng Wu


The wear of star wheel teeth is an importance issue in the single screw compressor. In order to enhance the wearresistance of star wheel teeth, some new profiles of the meshing pair were proposed to replace the currently used straight line envelope profile, such as single column envelope, multi-straight line (or multi-column) envelope. In this paper, a curved surface of the tooth flank is suggested. The groove flank is the envelope surface corresponding to the curved surface of the tooth flank. Section profile of the new tooth flank is a curved line, which could be elliptical, hyperbolic or involute. During the tooth meshing with the groove, the contact line between the tooth flank and the groove flank could move back and forth in the whole area of the tooth flank. This design is expected to improve the lubricating between the tooth flank and the groove flank, and to prolong the service life of the single screw compressor. Geometric and kinematic investigation of the star wheel and the screw rotor is established. And a new designed tooth flank of the meshing pair is introduced in this paper. Numerical control high-velocity cutting technology is suggested to fabricate the new star-wheel and the screw rotor.