Abnormal Compressor Noise Diagnosis Using Sound Quality Evaluation And Acoustic Array Method

Jinquan Zhang
Rongting Zhang
Huanhuan Gu
Zhiming Wen
Jia Xu


A noise abnormal rotary compressor is analyzed with sound quality evaluation method. Sound power level (A), loudness, roughness and sharpness are calculated as objective evaluation parameters, and the results indicate that the abnormal compressor has a poor sound quality compared with a normal one. Acoustic array technique can identify target sound source of complicated shape accurately, and get rich sound field information compared to traditional near-field measurement with a sound level meter. In order to diagnose the abnormal noise, the compressor sound sources are identified and located in full frequency range through acoustic array method. As a result, the key frequencies are diagnosed and the corresponding sources are also located, which provide the effective evidence for the future improvement.