A Rotary Compressor-Accumulator Component Simulation Model in Consideration of (±) Suction Gas Superheat Degrees

Ke-jia Ye
Hong Tao
Jun Yang
Chun-hui Liu


On the basis of the classic ARI compressor model, the mass flow-rate and input power were corrected with the level of suction gas superheat, especially the superheat degrees below zero. refrigerant dissolved in the oil pool, at the discharge pressure and the oil temperature, was calculated by means of the estimation model for refrigerant/oil mixture properties. An accumulator mechanism model was linked to this compressor model to build up a compressor-accumulator component model, which was solved out by the simultaneous modular algorithm. The component model can afford more details about the performance of rotary compressor and refrigerant distribution, furthermore, can also be used in the simulation of a refrigeration cycle as a modular package.