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Dual Compressor, 1-suction Twin Rotary Compressor, APF, high efficiency


After the Great East Japan Earthquake, it is an urgent necessity for us to cut down the vain use of the power. Beforehand we have proposed the reduction of the power consumption used in “actual” air-conditioner operating load is low, and we have produced Dual rotary compressor can make only one of two compression units run (in the following, refer as “Dual system”) and provide high efficiency since 2004 and have made still better of it1). This time we developed another Dual rotary compressor with a new mechanism. To put Dual system in practice, the compression units have one of two vanes pushed into and pulled apart its roller depending on conditions. As compared with the conventional dual compressor has the way of controlling pressure in the cylinder in order to balance pressure of the compression unit inside with that of the case inside and rear of the vane, the new one has the different method of doing so. Being still applied the idea of balance of pressure, a new mechanism controls pressure at the rear of the vane. We expanded it into 1-suction piping twin rotary compressor is our unique production and developed the new dual compressor. This new compressor bettered by 3% of Annual Performance Factor (APF) efficiency in Japan than that of our conventional model and the air-conditioner with it can cool and heat operation by minimum 45W, and it has been produced since Oct. 2011. And it will be expected to load except air-conditioners with itself because it can run until high compression ratio under low capacity operation in comparison to the same size compressor.