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scroll compressor Fe-based powder metallurgy (P/M) friction and wear


With the development of materials science and technology, Iron-based powder metallurgy (P/M) antifriction materials gradually used to scroll compressor. In this paper, three kinds of Iron-based powder metallurgy antifriction materials, which are Fe-C-Cu, Fe-C-Cu-Ni-Mo and Fe-P were prepared by the common compacting sintering method. Microstructure and mechanical properties were studied, tribological properties were tested on the friction tester, and surface topographical characteristics and wear mechanism of the Iron-based powder metallurgy materials antifriction were observed and analyzed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results showed that, the strength of Fe-C-Cu and Fe-C-Cu-Ni-Mo are higher than Fe-P. The microstructure of Fe-C-Cu and Fe-C-Cu-Ni-Mo are mainly composed of pearlite, Fe-P is ferrite. The impact toughness of Fe-P is better than the other two. Compared the tribological properties of aluminum alloys YZAlSi11Cu3 and powder metallurgy antifriction materials under oil lubrication condition, Fe-C-Cu and Fe-C-Cu-Ni-Mo have excellent wear resistance. The wear rate of Fe-C-Cu-Ni-Mo is equivalent to one sixth of YZAlSi11Cu3. The wear mechanism of YZAlSi11Cu3 was deformation and adhesion. Powder metallurgy antifriction materials were dominated by fatigue and deformation, and accompanied by a small amount of abrasive wear.