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spool rotating compressor effeciency testing


The basic mechanism of the novel rotary spool compressor has been described previously by Kemp et al. (2008, 2010). The device combines various aspects of rotary and reciprocating devices currently well understood to achieve high efficiency at a low manufacturing cost. A dimensionless variable, the Zsoro number, is developed which represents the ratio of the geometric configuration of the compressor relative to the potential friction components of the compressor. This number allows for rapid evaluation of the geometric features of the device. Four prototype spool compressors have been tested using R410A and R134A at standard air conditioning conditions with various Zsoro numbers. Experimental data collected have shown a strong correlation between the overall isentropic efficiency and Zsoro number. These results have allowed for rapid design iteration of the rotating spool compressor. The most current prototype compressor has operated with a 5% higher overall isentropic efficiency than a typical commercial rolling piston compressor and within 5% of a commercial scroll compressor.