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Corrosion Performance of Embedded Steel Bar in Cl--contaminated Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) at initial stage of hydration

Weiwen Li, Shenzhen University
Zuhua Xu, Shenzhen University
Yaocheng Wang, Shenzhen University
Xin Wang, Shenzhen University
Feng Xing, Shenzhen University

Shenzhen, P.R. China

Development and Properties of Sulfate-resistant and Corrosion-inhibiting Admixtures

Tongwei Lu, Shandong academy of building research co. ltd
Jie Zhang, Shandong jianke building materials co. ltd
Guisheng Cai, Shandong academy of building research co. ltd
Linmao Wang, Shandong jianke building materials co. ltd
Xiangyang Guo, Shandong jianke building materials co. ltd

Effects of organic corrosion inhibitors on the performance of repair mortars

Ominda Nanayakkara Dr., Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Improving properties of supersulfated cement by regulating its physiochemical features through nanoSiO2-modification

HENG CHEN, University of Jinan
Pengkun Hou, University of Jinan
Xin Cheng Prof., University of Jinan

Mechanical properties and microstructure of high strength LC3 pastes with varying limestone/calcined clay ratios and different curing conditions

yemin dong, Wuhan University of Technology

Mechanical properties of engineering cement-based materials containing modified shape memory alloy fiber

Song mengfan, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Preparation and Measurement of Building Materials, Engineering Center of Advanced Building Materials of Ministry of Education, University of Jinan

Rheological properties and structural build-up of 3D printed magnesium potassium phosphate cement

hui zhi zhao, university of jinan

university of jinan

Study on Strength and Volume Stability of Coral Mortar

Qingzong Xue, Nanjing tech university

University of Jinan

Study on the effect of fly ash on the properties of potassium magnesium phosphate cement

Bo Pang, Dalian University of Technology

Dalian University of Technology

Study on the Hydration Behaviour of the Coral Sand Powder- Ground-Granulated Blast Furnace Slag-Portland Cement Ternary System

Renwang Nie, Nanjing Tech University
Haonan Wang, Nanjing Tech University
Zhuqing Yu, Nanjing Tech University
Xiaodong Shen, Nanjing Tech University

Super-hydrophobic Hybrid Coatings Preparation used by Methyltrithoxysilane (MTES) and Tetraethylorthosilicate(TEOS)

Quanwei Li


Ultra- ductile waterborne epoxy-concrete composite repair material

Bo Pang
Zuquan Jin
Yunsheng Zhang
Xiaoyun Song