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Analytical and Quantitative Aspects of Surface Moisture Transport and Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

Barzin Mobasher, Arizona State University
M Bakhshi, AECOM
Y Yao, College of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, Nan Jing

Estimated Service Life of Carbonation Exposed (Cracked) Concrete with Pozzolans or Self-healing Agents

Philip Van den Heede, Ghent University
Nele De Belie, Ghent University

fib Model Code 2020 – Durability Design and Through Life Management of New and Existing Structures

Frank Papworth, Building & Construction Research and Consultancy
S Matthews, Building Research Establishment Ltd, Watford, UK


Guiding principles in developing the South African approach to durability index testing of concrete

Yunus Ballim, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Mark Alexander, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Mescopic model of drying shrinkage and its application into control of shrinkage cracking

Toyoharu NAWA, Hokkaido University

ICDCS 2018 Leeds

Service Life and Life-Cycle Assessment of Reinforced Concrete with Fly ash and Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

Ravindra Gettu, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India
Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Manu Santhanam, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Sundar Rathnarajan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Anusha Basavaraj, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Sripriya Raju, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

University of Leeds, UK

The bond behaviour between concrete and corroded reinforcement: state of the art

Yuxi Zhao, Zhejiang University
H. Lin, Tsinghua University