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Behaviour of Corroded Stud Shear Connectors under Fatigue Loading

Ju Chen, Zhejiang University
Ao-Yu Jiang, Zhejiang University
Wei-Liang Jin, Zhejiang University

Effect of BFRP Grid on Crack Propagation of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Thick-Cover Concrete

Li-Juan Cheng, Dalian University of Technology
Hua-nan He, Dalian University of Technology

Effect of Cured Time on Creep of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Hongzhi Cui, Shenzhen University
Haibin Yang, Shenzhen University
Xiaoxiao Xu, Shenzhen University
Zitao Lin, Shenzhen University
Tommy Yiu Lo, City University of Hong Kong

Effect of PET Wrapping on Shear Performance of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Columns

Dawei Zhang, Zhejiang University
Yuxi Zhao, Zhejiang University
Weiliang Jin, Zhejiang University
Tamon Ueda, Hokkaido University

Hierarchical Life-Cycle Design of Concrete Structures

Zhujun Wang, Zhejiang University
Jin Weiliang, Zhejiang University
Ju Chen, Zhejiang University