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Basic Examination on Assessing Mechanical Properties of Concrete That Has Suffered Combined Deterioration from Fatigue and Frost Damage

Hiroshi Hayashida, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region
Yasuhiko Sato, Hokkaido University
Tamon Ueda, Hokkaido University

Electrical Response of Mortar Saturated with NaCl Solutions under Freeze–Thaw Cycles

Yi Wang, Hokkaido University
Fuyuan Gong, Hokkaido University
Tamon Ueda, Hokkaido Univeristy
Dawei Zhang, Zhejiang University

Investigation of the Freezing/Melting Process of Unsaturated Cement Paste by Low Temperature Calorimetry

Ruihu Zhu, Hohai University
Lin Liu, Hohai University
Huisu Chen, Southeast University