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Wednesday, January 1st
12:00 AM

Evaluation of Structural Properties of the Freeze–Thaw-Damaged RC Beam Members by Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis

Hiroshi Hayashida, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI)
Yasuhiko Sato, Hokkaido University
Tamon Ueda, Hokkaido University

12:00 AM

Freeze Thaw Durability of Internally Cured Concrete Made Using Superabsorbent Polymers

Wesley A. Jones, Purdue University
W. Jason Weiss, Purdue University

12:00 AM

Joint Deterioration in Concrete Pavements

Parth Panchmatia, Purdue University
Jan Olek, Purdue University
Nancy Whiting, Purdue University

12:00 AM

Physical Model and Mesoscale Simulation of Mortar and Concrete Deformations under Freeze–Thaw Cycles

Fuyuan Gong, Hokkaido University
Evdon Sicat, Hokkaido University
Yi Wang, Hokkaido University
Tamon Ueda, Hokkaido University
Dawei Zhang, Zhejiang University

12:00 AM

Research on Microscopic Pore Structure and Permeability of Air-Entrained Fly–Ash Concrete Subjected to Freezing and Thawing Action

Zhuo Zhao, Ningbo University of Technology
Dawang Li, Shenzhen University
Feng Xing, Shenzhen University
Ningxu Han, Shenzhen University
Dongwei Wang, Zhengzhou University

12:00 AM

Using Acoustic Emission to Quantify Freeze–Thaw Damage of Mortar Saturated with NaCl Solutions

Ye Qian, Columbia University
Yaghoob Farnam, Purdue University
Jason Weiss, Purdue University

12:00 AM