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Monday, June 2nd
12:00 AM

Introducing Agile Principles and Management to a Library Organization

Daniel Forsman, Chalmers University of Technology
Peter Hansson, Chalmers University of Technology

12:00 AM

Library Design in the Age of Technology Planning for a Changing Environment

Sharon Bostick, Illinois Institute of Technology
Bryan Irwin, Sasaki Associates

12:00 AM

Measures for Success: Measures of Quality

Dom Mitchell, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

12:00 AM

Tuesday, June 3rd
12:00 AM

Author Impact Factor: Tracking the Dynamics of Individual Scientific Impact

Santo Fortunato, Aalto University

12:00 AM

Qualitative Scientometrics

Gustaf Nelhans, Swedish School of Library and Information Science

12:00 AM

Sustainability Metrics in Library and Information Services: A Quality Management Framework

Paula Ochôa, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Leonor Gaspar Pinto, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

12:00 AM - 12:07 AM

Thursday, June 5th
12:00 AM

Change Management in Libraries: An Essential Competency for Leadership

Catherine B. Soehner, University of Utah

12:00 AM

Coming Out: Making the Virtual Library Visible in Today's World

Grace Saw
Janine Schmidt, Mukurta Solutions

12:00 AM

Positioning Academic Libraries for the Future: A Process and Strategy for Organizational Transformation

Erin L. Ellis, University of Kansas Main Campus
Brian Rosenblum, University of Kansas Main Campus
John Stratton, University of Kansas Main Campus
Kathleen Ames-Stratton, University of Kansas Main Campus

12:00 AM

Problem Lah! Learning to Tell the Story of Continuous Assessment and Improvement

Tamera Hanken, Singapore Management University

12:00 AM

Unlocking the Potential of Library Generated Data to Assess Value, Impact, and Influence

Margie Jantti, University of Wollongong
Brian Cox, University of Wollongong

12:00 AM

How Does the Information Team Today Become the Information Team of Tomorrow

Carlo Iacono, Griffith University

12:00 AM

Organisational Changes and a New Media Policy: Meeting User Demands at the Royal Institute of Technology

Cecilia Heyman Widmark, Royal Institute of Technology

12:00 AM

Science, Technology, and Library Work: Trends and Milestones

Maria Forsman, Helsinki University

12:00 AM

The Future Librarian: A Diverse and Complex Professional

Gunilla Widén, Abo Akademi University
Maria Kronqvist-Berg, Abo Akademi University

12:00 AM