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Tuesday, June 3rd
12:00 AM

Altmetrics is an Indication of Quality Research or Just HOT Topics

Chia Yew Boon, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Joan Wee Jee Foon, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

12:00 AM

Assessing the Impact of Publications Saved by Mendeley Users: Is There Any Different Pattern Among Users?

Zohreh Zahedi, Leiden University
Rodrigo Costas, Leiden University
Paul Wouters, Leiden University

12:00 AM

Mendeley as a Source of Readership by Students and Postdocs? Evaluating Article Usage by Academic Status

Stefanie Haustein, Universite de Montreal
Vincent Larivière, Universite de Montreal

12:00 AM

The Meaning of Altmetrics

Kim Holmberg, University of Wolverhampton

12:00 AM