The Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium, ISTEC, established in 1990 with its secretariat located in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, voted at its third General Assembly meeting held at UAM in Mexico City, in November 1993, to support a library linkages program based on a presentation given at the General Assembly titled "Research Via Internet." The pilot project was initiated in April, 1993. At the fifth ISTEC General Assembly meeting held in Quito, Ecuador in November 1995, the first ISTEC Library Workshop was held with representatives from Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and the United States of America. The ISTEC Library Linkages project emphasizes: 1) access to member institution electronic databases 2) training on searching electronic databases 3) requesting and delivery of materials among ISTEC members.Although Ariel software is the primary tool for the delivery of material. The project goes much beyond just document delivery. With Ibero-American librarians working closely together, there develops a better understanding of research holdings along and technology, Ibero-America has been left out of the research, indexing and access cycle. By developing an information infrastructure through the member libraries, we expect to address this issue and to connect not only researchers with material but to expand the visibility of the science and technology research being carried out in Ibero-America. The ISTEC Library Linkages Initiative has developed a home page at During 1996, the project is expected to continue expanding its services with members already at operational levels including Colombia, Spain, Ecuador and Brazil while attempting to bring other members online including Peru, Chile and Uruguay.



Building an Information Infrastructure with Ibero-America through the Internet: the ISTEC Linkages Initiative