Technological University Libraries in the Nineties

Proceedings of the 15th Biennial IATUL Conference Hamburg-Harburg Germany July 19-23, 1993

Edited by Dietmar Brandes and Elin Tornudd

Published for IATUL by Helsinki University of Technology Library

The International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries (IATUL) is a voluntary international organization which provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to librarianship in technological universities throughout the world. It also provides library directors and senior managers an opportunity to develop a collaborative approach to solving common problems.

The 15th Biennial IATUL Conference was held on July 19th – July 23rd, 1993 in Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. The 15th Biennial IATUL Conference’s theme was “Technological University Libraries in the Nineties.

Papers and presentations may be found in the links below, organized first by the day they were presented and then alphabetically by the title of the presentation. Presentations that were given may be found under the additional files field. Papers and presentations for which no files were provided, or for which permission to make openly available was not granted, have been omitted from this collection.


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Monday, July 19th
12:00 AM

Cooperation between publishers and university libraries

Tom Cochrane, Queensland University of Technology

12:00 AM

Electronic publishing of professional articles: attitudes of academics and implications for the scholarly communication industry

Don Schauder, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

12:00 AM

Scholarly communication in the sciences: managing challenges for libraries and museums

Julia Gelfland, University of California, Irvine
Ben Booth, Science Museum, London

12:00 AM

Library buildings in the 1990s: St. George’s Library at the University of Sheffield

Michial Hannon, The University of Sheffield
Peter Stubley, The University of Sheffield

12:00 AM

Planning of libraries on a University Campus; library conception of Dresden University of Technology

Hans-Dieter Wustling, Dresden University of Technology

12:00 AM

Project of new university library building in Llubljana

M. Music, Univerity at Ljubljana
S. Mikuz, Univerity at Ljubljana
B. Osojnik, Univerity at Ljubljana
M. Zaucer, Univerity at Ljubljana

12:00 AM

Evaluation of the National Resource Library Network in Finland

Elin Tornudd, Helsinki University of Technology

12:00 AM

Measuring the performance of academic libraries in Finland

Sinikka Koskiala, Helsinki University of Technology

12:00 AM

Reflections on library management in the advanced computer age

Nurit Roitberg, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

12:00 AM

Some statistics about the searching behaviour of users of the OPAC of the Twente University Library

G. A.J.S. van Marle, Twente University
M. Skaliks, Twente University

12:00 AM

Technical universities and their libraries in Germany

Dietmar Brandes, Braunschweig Technical University Library

12:00 AM

Complex net structures in the University Library Essen

Pedro Hastedt, Essen University Library

12:00 AM

IATUL and the academic networks

Nancy Fjallbrant, Chalmers University of Technology Library

12:00 AM

Information technology at the Library and Information Centre of the Technical University of Budapest

Pal Vasarhelyi, Technical University of Budapest

12:00 AM

LIBNET – project of the major Russian libraries network

Yakov L. Shraiberg, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology
Mikhail V. Goncharov, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

12:00 AM

Resources sharing and networking in the FUNET network

Irma Pasanen-Tuomainen, Helsinki University of Technology

12:00 AM

Superjanet: library and information services over a gigabit network

Michael Breaks, Heriot-Watt University

12:00 AM

The impacts of enterprise-wide network technology on service management: a corrective model for a technological university library management

Adriaan J. Coetzee, Cape Technikon Library

12:00 AM

Development of research libraries in Germany after the unification

Elmar Mittler, Lower Saxony State and University Library

12:00 AM

Forms of cooperation in the library information network of Finnish academic libraries

Tuija Sonkkila, Helsinki University of Technology

12:00 AM

Plans for the library – university network of Veszprém University

Marta Egyhazy, Veszprem University

12:00 AM

The Miskolc University Library giving help in the economic restructuring in Northeastern Hungary

Jozsef Zsidai, University of Miskolc/Hungary

12:00 AM

13 Years of allegro: questions, demands, users

Bernhard Eversberg, Braunschweig Technical University

12:00 AM

Delivering information to users in the 1990’s

Joseph F. Boykin Jr., Clemson University

12:00 AM

Document supply and interlending at UB/TIB Hannover

Jobst Tehnzen, Universitatsbibliothek and TIB Hannover

12:00 AM

Information technology: blessing or curse?

J. H. Viljoen, University of Stellenbosch

12:00 AM

Some observations on inter-library loans

Hamish Good, University of Strathclyde Library

12:00 AM

Strategies for introducing new information technologies to library users

Ah F. Cox, Hong Kong Polytechnic Library

12:00 AM

The use of the internet in document delivery – a NORDINFO project

Elisabet Mickos, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)

12:00 AM