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This paper describes an attempt to improve interlibrary lending services at Chalmers University of Technology Library, Gothenburg, Sweden, with respect to satisfaction rate, speed and decreased costs, by the establishment of a computer-based link - DOCLINE - for the transmission of a interlibrary requests to the BLLD. An account is given of the Swedish interlibrary lending network, and the reasons for trying to improve the availability, direct or indirect, for high frequency loan materials at Chalmers Library. The development of the DOCLINE link between Chalmers Library and the BLLD is described and a short account of the programmes used and the operation of the system is given. This is followed by a discussion on the improvement of the interlibrary lending service at Chalmers University. The need for detailed evaluation is pointed out.


May 31st, 12:00 AM

The Development of DOCLINE - An Interlibrary Lending Link Between the BLLD and Chalmers University Library