The Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the International Institute for Infrastructure Renewal and Reconstruction (I3R2) bring together a great deal of useful research about improving built infrastructure planning, design, response, and recovery for disastrous events. The subject matter is as broad as the backgrounds of the authors, their organizations, and the many regions of the world that were represented at the conference, held at Purdue University from May 20–22, 2014.

As a whole, this soon to be published volume highlights the complexity of issues that erupt as humankind works to protect civilization from natural and man-made perils. The observations and analysis reveal that although more work is required to thwart the effects of calamities on the built environment, we are making progress. Preventing and reducing damage and recovering the post-event infrastructure require the insights of researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines. However, efficient solutions in a resource-constrained world also must be well-integrated and synergistic. Effective engagement with the challenges of infrastructure renewal and reconstruction in the wake of catastrophic events can derive only from enhanced collaboration among many different parties. The exchanges shared at this international conference move us closer to that collaborative goal.

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Response, Restoration, and Reconstruction
Planning, Preparation, and Mitigation
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