The Department of Health and Kinesiology at Purdue University provides knowledge related to health, human performance, exercise, and fitness. Programs of study include Physiology of Exercise, Human Movement and Sport, Psychology of Sport and Exercise and Motor Behavior, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Pedagogy of Physical Activity and Health, and Interdisciplinary Activities related to Health and Physical Activity and Sport.

This series contains publications from the Department of Health and Kinesiology at Purdue University.


Submissions from 2013


Newly Standing Infants Increase Postural Stability When Performing a Supra-Postural Task., Laura J. Claxton, Jeffrey M. Haddad, Katelyn Ponto, Joong Hyun Ryu, and Sean C. Newcomer

Submissions from 2010


Locomotor Adaptation versus Perceptual Adaptation when Stepping Over an Obstacle with a Height Illusion., Christopher K. Rhea, Shirley Rietdyk, and Jeffrey M. Haddad

Submissions from 2008


Distinct Timing Mechanisms Produce Discrete and Continuous Movements, Raoul Huys, Breanna E. Studenka, Nicole L. Rheaume, Raoul N. Huys, and Viktor K. Jirsa