Guochenhao Song, Zhuang Mo and J. Stuart Bolton, “A General Stable Approach to Modeling and Coupling Multilayered Systems with Various Types of Layers,” in Proceedings of InterNoise 2022, 8 pages, 21-24 August, 2022, Glasgow, UK.


In this article, a general method is proposed to model layered systems with two-by-two transfer matrices, and further, to solve for the acoustic absorption, reflection, and transmission coefficients. Since the proposed method uses the matrix representation of various layers and interfaces from the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM), the equation system can be established efficiently. However, the traditional TMM can lose stability when there is a large disparity between the magnitudes of the waves traveling in opposite directions within the layers (i.e., at higher frequencies, for a thick layer, or for extreme parameter values). In such cases, the contribution of the most attenuated wave can be masked by numerical errors and can induce instability when solving the system. Therefore, in the proposed method, to stabilize the calculated acoustic properties of the system, the principle is to ensure the accuracy of the wave attenuation terms by decomposing each layer’s transfer matrix and reformulating the equation system. This method can couple different layer types in a general way and is easy to assemble and implement with numerical code. The predicted acoustic properties of layered systems calculated using the proposed method have been validated by comparison with those predicted by other existing methods.


Layered acoustic systems, Transfer matrix method, Poro-elastic materials, Sound absorption, Transmission loss


Acoustics and Noise Control

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