J.S. Bolton, H.R. Hall, R.F. Schumacher and J. Stott, “Correlation of Tire Intensity Levels and Passby Sound Pressure Levels,” Proceedings of the 1995 SAE Noise and Vibration Conference P-264, pp. 205-214, Society of Automotive Engineers, May 10-13, 1995, Traverse City, MI, Paper 951286. ISBN 1-56091-367-3.


The object of the work reported here was to relate the acoustic intensity level measured near the contact patch of a driven tire on a passenger vehicle with the passby noise levels measured at a sideline microphone during coast and cruise conditions. Based on those measurements it was then possible to estimate the tire noise contribution to the passby level measured when the vehicle under test was accelerating. As part of this testing program, data was collected using five vehicles at fourteen passby sites in the United States: in excess of 800 data sets were obtained.


Tire noise, Passby test, Intensity measurements, Tire noise propagation, ISO test procedure, SAE test procedure


Acoustics and Noise Control

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