B.K. Gardner and J.S. Bolton, "Extension of the Receptance Technique to Accommodate Distributed Connections." Unpublished manuscript prepared for the Journal of Sound and Vibration, 1996. 24 pages, 7 figures.


The receptance techniques has been used most frequently to analyze the vibrational response of structures that may be idealized as a set of substructures connected at one or more discrete points. However, the receptance technique can also be used to analyze the response of structures connected along particular types of line junctions. In this paper, an extension of the the receptance technique is presented that makes use of a generalized Fourier series approach to allow the evaluation of both the free and forced response of systems comprising components connected through spatially distributed junctions. The present extension is shown to reduce to the previous line receptance definition in the appropriate limit. The general distributed receptance formulation is demonstrated here through application to two problems involving coupled rods. The results obtained using the distributed receptance technique were found to compare well with the matching analytical solutions.


Receptance technique, Structural coupling, Structural dynamics Vibroacoustics


Acoustics and Noise Control

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