Caleb R. Heitkamp, Jacob K. Miller, Anna Loehr, J. Stuart Bolton and Jeffrey F. Rhoads, “Experimental Measurements of Binder Wave Speeds using Wavenumber Decomposition,” Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, 4 pages, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2017.


Prior work has provided few wave speed measurements for the binder materials commonly used with plastic- bonded energetics. Furthermore, those measurements that have been reported are largely based upon rudimentary, 'pitch and catch' methodologies, which involve sending a pulse from one transducer to another transducer at a set distance apart and measuring the time of flight. Given this, a more rigorous method for determining longitudinal and shear wave speeds in this important class of materials was desired. In this work, material wave speeds are recovered by measuring the vibrational response of a 2D line across the surface of a beam in response to a mechanical excitation and analyzing the data in the frequency-wavenumber domain.


Energetic materials, Wave speeds, Wavenumber transform


Acoustics and Noise Control, Vibrations and Nonlinear Dynamics

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