Y.J. Kang and J.S. Bolton, “The Modeling of Anisotropic Fuselage Lining Material,” AIAA Paper 93-4377 presented at 15th Aeroacoustics Conference, Long Beach CA, October 25-27, 1993. 12 pages.


In this paper a theoretical model that can account for the effect of lining anisotropy on sound transmission through fuselage structures is developed. The model allows for anisotropic flow resistivity, tortuosity and elastic moduli. Implicit to the theory is a characteristic dispersion relation of sixth order that yields the allowed wave numbers for wave propagation in anisotropic elastic porous media. In addition, explicit expressions for field variables such as displacements and stresses appropriate for anisotropic foams are derived. Predictions of random incidence sound transmission loss for double panels with anisotropic linings have been performed. To verify the prediction, the theoretical results have been compared with random incidence transmission loss measurements.


Anisotropic, Poroelastic media, Biot model, Sound transmission


Acoustics and Noise Control

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