Daniel C. Woods, J. Stuart Bolton and Jeffrey F. Rhoads, "The Construction of Acoustic Waveforms from Plane Wave Components to Enhance Energy Transmission into Solid Media," Paper IDETC2016-59272 presented at ASME IDETC/CIE Conference, August 21-24, 2016, Charlotte NC, USA. Abstract only.


The transmission of acoustic energy into solid materials is of interest in a wide range of applications, including ultrasonic imaging and nondestructive testing. However, the large impedance mismatch at the solid interface generally limits the transmission of incident acoustic energy. With the goal of improving the fraction of the energy transmitted into solid materials, the use of various bounded spatial profiles, including commonly-employed forms, such as Gaussian distributions, as well as newly-constructed profiles, has been investigated. The spatial profile is specified as the pressure amplitude distribution of the incident wave. Bounded acoustic beams are represented here as sums of harmonic plane waves, and results obtained for the optimal parameters of incident plane wave components are used to inform the construction of bounded wave profiles. The effect of the form of the spatial profile is investigated, with the total energy carried by the incident wave held constant as the profile is varied, and the relationship with the plane wave components which superimpose to form the bounded wave is discussed. Direct comparisons are made for the efficiency of the energy transmission of different profiles. The results reveal that, by tuning the form of the profile, substantial improvements in the total energy transmission can be achieved as compared to Gaussian and square waveforms.


Inhomogeneous plane waves, Plane wave synthesis, Sound transmission


Acoustics and Noise Control

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