J.S. Bolton and P. Konieczny, “Experimental Design of a Low Noise Centrifugal Fan,” appearing in Fan Noise, An International Institute of Noise Control Engineers Symposium, pp. 253-260, Senlis, France, September 1992.


The effect of various design parameters on broadband noise generation by centrifugal fans has been studied. The parameters varied included: blade type, radial and axial inlet clearance, scroll development angle, scroll development length and cutoff clearance. Scaling laws for pressure, flow and noise were applied to allow the A-weighted sound power levels of different fans to be compared at the same operating points. That approach has allowed an optimum low noise fan design to be identified. To extend the usefulness of that design, a semi-empirical procedure for predicting the broadband sound power spectrum of any member of a family of geometrically similar centrifugal fans has also been developed. The prediction procedure allows the calculation of 1/3-octave band sound power levels based on a measurement of the sound power radiated by a single member of the fan family. By the use of the prediction procedure, it is straightforward to identify optimally quiet fans that satisfy a range of pumping requirements.


centrifugal fan, fan noise, low noise, optimal design


Acoustics and Noise Control

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