P. Konieczny and J.S. Bolton, “A Broadband Noise Prediction Scheme for Low-Noise Centrifugal Blowers,” Proceedings of NOISE-CON 90, pp. 77-82, Austin, TX, October 1990.


In this paper we outline a semi-empirical procedure for predicting the broadband sound power spectrum radiated by any member of a family of geometrically similar, centrifugal blowers. The prediction scheme is based on the use of a normalized sound power spectrum that is obtained by measuring the sound power radiated by one member of the blower family. In the present instance, a low noise blower design has been identified by conducting a large scale parametric study of blower noise as a function of geometrical design parameters and operating point; the resulting optimum design served to define the geometrical parameters of the blower family considered here. The prediction procedure allows calculation of either 1/3-octave band spectral levels or overall A-weighted levels. In addition it is possible to calculate "noise surfaces," i.e., plots of A-weighted sound power level versus design parameters and operating condition; in this way it is easy to identify optimally quiet blower designs that satisfy specified pumping requirements. It has been found, for example, that large diameter impellers of relatively small width operating at low speeds tend to result in the lowest noise level at a given pumping requirement.


centrifugal fan, fan noise, low noise, optimal design, noise prediction


Acoustics and Noise Control

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