The Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University provides knowledge in the study of children and families. The department's academic programs prepare specialists at the bachelor's and PhD levels. Faculty conducts research on a range of issues facing individuals and families in today's society. There are nine themes that reflect the focus on applied research and scholarship in the department: Adolescence and Young Adulthood; Adult Development and Aging; Biobehavioral Processes; Diversity and Culture; Early Childhood; Families, Development and Health; Methodology; Relationships; and Work-Family.

This series contains publications from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University.


Submissions from 2023


Early Childhood Education Language Environments: Considerations For Research and Practice, Jennifer Finders, Ella Wilson, and Robert Duncan

Submissions from 2022


Human CSF movement influenced by vascular low frequency oscillations and respiration, Vidhya Vijayakrishnan Nair, Brianna R. Kish, Benita Inglis, Ho-Ching Shawn Yang, Adam M. Wright, Yu-Chen Wu, Xiaopeng Zhou, Amy J. Schwichtenberg, and Yunjie Tong

Submissions from 2016


Understanding the home math environment and its role in predicting parent report of children's math skills, Sara Ann Hart, Colleen M. Ganley, and David J. Purpura

Submissions from 2015


Effect of childhood victimization on occupational prestige and income trajectories, Christina A. Fernandez, Sharon L. Christ, William G. LeBlanc, Kristopher L. Arheart, Noella A. Dietz, Kathryn E. McCollister, Lora E. Fleming, Carles Muntaner, Peter Muennig, and David J. Lee


Associations of military divorce with mental, behavioral, and physical health outcomes, Lawrence Wang, Amber Seelig, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Hope McMaster, John E. Alcaraz, and Nancy F. Crum-Cianflone