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In this study we determine the areal footprint of parking lots in the Great Lakes Basinand outline policies to provide smart growth of parking lots. Our poster addresses the question: “what is the areal footprint and the ensuing economic and ecological consequences of parking lots?”. Our research addresses whether land use in the in the Great Lakes is efficient and sustainable. To that end, we use high resolution aerial photography and GIS to estimate the areal footprint of parking lots in relationship to: (1) the total urban area; (2) the number of parking spaces versus the population of the county; and (3) the distribution of parking spaces by land use category for a high density urban cover portion of the study area. Finally, we develop a set of metrics useful to relate our findings to urban planners and county regulators and 4) we outline the necessary steps to extrapolate our findings to the United States scale and from that draw conclusions as to a possible sustainable path to controlled growth.


Land Use, Sustainability, Parking Lots, Urban Planning



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November 2007

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