Authors are members or advisors of the Boiler Green Initiative, a student-run environmental club at Purdue University.


The Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) is a student-run organization working to improve environmental sustainability at the Purdue University West Lafayette campus. A main goal of BGI's is to install a green roof on an existing building on campus that is being replaced. We discuss the benefits of green roofs, the feasibility of having one installed on the Armory's roof and the various monitoring options we have researched. Flat roofs are especially amenable to the green roof system, so a building with a flat roof or section of flat roof that is scheduled for repair is the ideal choice. The Armory will be having a 7392 sq. ft. area of the roof repaired in summer 2008. Our goal is to install a green roof system over the entire area. BGI, working with the physical facilities department, will monitor temperature on and just below the roof and water quality and flow to determine the green roof's performance. Due to the inaccessibility of the roof, data from monitoring equipment must be obtained remotely and will be posted and stored on the club's website (


Green Roofs, Sustainability, Green Architecture



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November 2007