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This inaugural peer-reviewed issue of Gifted Children contains two research articles. The first is work by Dr. Victoria Molfese, Dr. Todd Brown, Dr. Jill Adelson, Jennifer Beswick, Jamie White, Dr. Jill Jacobi-Vessels, Lana Thomas, Melissa Ferguson, and Britney Culver. Dr. Molfese is a Chancellor’s Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her research is focused on young children’s cognitive development and the impact of classroom processes and child characteristics as predictors of this development. Her co-authors are at the University of Louisville. In this article, Dr. Molfese and her colleagues examine classroom process quality as a predictor of mathematics skill growth across preschool for high poverty children who show higher ability.

The second article is by Dr. Christian Mueller and Dr. R. Trent Haines. Dr. Mueller is Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Memphis. He has published several empirical articles utilizing nationally archived datasets, one of which may be found in the second issue of volume 4 of Gifted Children (http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/giftedchildren/vol4/iss2/3/). Dr. Haines is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Morgan State University. In this article, Drs. Mueller and Haines describe a study using the Add Health database to examine associations between perceptions of family and school connections and self-concept and depression with a sample of highly able African American and Hispanic adolescents.