This is a compilation of 19 research trial reports from six land-grant universities in the midwestern United States. Crops include bok choy, cantaloupe, cucumber, pepper, pumpkin, sweet corn, squash, tomato, and watermelon. Several crops were evaluated in high tunnels or hoophouses. Most trials evaluated different cultivars or varieties, including one investigating cantaloupe variety influence on cucumber beetle presence and incidence of bacterial wilt. Four reports addressed specific growing practices: the use of poly-coated urea to supply nitrogen to sweet corn, biochar use in a high tunnel bag culture system, use of cereal rye cover crop in butternut squash, and pollinizer planting patterns for seedless watermelon.


variety trials, sweetcorn, sweet corn, vegetables, Zea mays, high tunnel, biochar, bacterial wilt, striped cucumber beetle, Acalymma vittatum

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