Originally published in Midwest Vegetable Trial Report for 2013. Compiled by Elizabeth T. Maynard. Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Office of Agricultural Research Programs, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana. January 2014.


Lettuce is one of several cool-season crops that Indiana growers produce to meet market demands for local produce early and late in the season. It is grown in the field as well as in unheated and heated structures. Growers who responded to a survey in 2013 indicated that important characteristics for lettuce varieties include slow bolting, good eating quality, and disease resistance. Numerous varieties are available and it is important to identify which perform well in Indiana. We report here characteristics of 38 lettuce cultivars grown in an unreplicated field trial at the Pinney-Purdue Agricultural Center in Wanatah, Indiana.


variety trials, vegetable, lettuce, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, Lactuca sativa var. longifolia, Lactuca sativa var. capitata, Lactuca sativa var. crispa, Lactuca sativa

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