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Lightweight, flexible, and conformal bioelectronics are essential for wearable technologies. This paper introduces 270 nm thin organic electronics amplifying circuits that are self-adhesive, skin conformal, and long-term air-stable. This report studies the effect of total device thickness, namely 3 μm and 270 nm devices, on the characterization of organic devices before and after buckling, the longevity of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) over 5 years, and the lamination of OFETs on the human skin. A single-stage organic complementary inverter and a pseudo-complementary amplifier are fabricated to compare their electrical characteristics, with amplification gains of 10 and 64, respectively. Finally, the study demonstrates a five-stage organic complementary inverter can successfully amplify artificial electromyogram and electrocardiogram signals with gains of 1000 and 1088, respectively.


This is the published version of Mirshojaeian Hosseini, M.J., Yang, Y., Kruger, W. et al. 270 nm ultra-thin self-adhesive conformable and long-term air-stable complimentary organic transistors and amplifiers. npj Flex Electron 7, 38 (2023).