The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled “RH-temperature phase diagrams of hydrate forming deliquescent crystalline ingredients” (Allan and Mauer, 2017) [1]. The data are water activity measurements of alcohol:water solu- tions (methanol:water and ethanol:water solutions at varying molar ratios) at different temperatures collected using the Tunable Diode Laser by Decagon Devices. The measured water activities of ethanol:water solutions were correlated to the initial volumetric ratios to produce polynomial equations that can be used to cal- culate the needed initial volumetric ratios for water activity con- trolled solutions. The data sets and polynomial equations are provided to enable extended analyses and applications of the data and calculations for generating and using controlled water activity solutions containing alcohol. An example application of these data is described in the research article mentioned above.


This is the publishers version of Allan, Matthew & Mauer, Lisa. (2017). Dataset of water activity measurements of alcohol:water solutions using a Tunable Diode Laser. Data in Brief. 12. 10.1016/j.dib.2017.04.017.


Water activity, alcohol solutions

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