Datumate is digitally transforming civil engineering processes used in construction, surveying and infrastructure inspection markets with fully automated, highly precise, cost effective and safe tools. It utilizes state-of-the-art image processing and advanced drones and camera technologies dramatically reducing the amount of time surveying crews spend in the field, speeding up construction progress checks and shortening infrastructure inspection duration, while maintaining survey grade accuracy. The intuitive, simple and automated solutions increase productivity by saving field and office time in civil engineering and inspection projects of roads, intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping, industrial facilities, bridges, property surveys, building facades, railways, cellular infrastructure and more. Datumate’s core competency is rooted in a team of experienced construction and surveying professionals. Datumate’s solutions have been used by multiple construction and surveying companies worldwide since 2012. Datumate’s close range photogrammetry software was awarded the “Most Innovative Product of GeoForm" in 2013. In 2016, Datumate signed a partnership agreement with the world’s leading drone manufacturer DJI, offering a drone software and app package that fully automates and expedites site surveys. The DJI-Datumate Site Survey Solution is a comprehensive and professional package of imagery and mapping tools that help surveying, construction, inspection and infrastructure companies rapidly generate a working model, site visualization, analytics and plan.

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