The development of Molecor´s technology, which is based on the application of a Molecular Orientation process, has delivered a significant turning point in the pipelines sector. With this technological development, the company has begun to manufacture TOM® PVC-O pipes, the most eco-friendly pipes on the market. The Molecor technology enabled eradicating many of the existing disadvantages of thermoplastic pipes.

This technology delivers a clear objective; to provide the water industry with a solution for pipes carrying pressurized water in an environmentally friendly, yet cost efficient manner. This also extends a service life compared to pipeline materials currently in use.

The Molecor´s technology has faced numerous barriers due to the high level of competitiveness in the market and the relatively short period since its development. Notwithstanding, the technology is now highly recognized by the market and has spread continuously and gradually over the world to the five continents. We have served many international markets: North America (i.e., Canada), South America (i.e., Colombia and Ecuador), European countries (i.e., Italy and Spain), African countries (i.e., South Africa) and East countries (i.e., India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Australia).

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Composite Materials & Technologies


PVC-O, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, thermoplastic pipes, air based system, molecular orientation system, laminar wall structure



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