Construction work zones are growing in number around the world. The natural aging of existing roadway infrastructure ensures that more and more maintenance and rehabilitation will be required. Work zones, by their very definition, create two major problems that must be addressed in some way: safety and mobility. In the United States, highway work zones are responsible for almost 25% of all non-recurring congestion and 10% of overall congestion. Vehicle accidents are more common in work zones, and traffic congestion through work zones on urban arterials and freeways is often considered to be “unavoidable." To address these issues, ROAD ZIPPER™ offers a moveable barrier system that would be used to create a larger work zone, while minimizing the impact on traffic and limiting left-hand turns. During road construction, the moveable barrier enables the contractor to keep enough lanes open to traffic in the peak direction while to expand the work zone to keep workers safe and accelerate construction.

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