The Portable Modular Conveyor-Material Placer (PMC) is a quick, easy, dependable and cost effective way to place materials in the limits of the confined grade or work area. This specialized piece of equipment was developed to place concrete in front of a concrete slip form-paving machine. The typical method of placing concrete requires a self-propelled belt placer, which is very expensive to purchase and mobilize to the jobsite. The PMC creates a significant cost savings in labor and equipment with the PMC. It is a direct replacement for conventional material placing equipment, including all in grade belt placing machines. As well as placing concrete, it is capable of placing asphalt, aggregate, sand, topsoil, or any flow-able materials.

The Portable Modular Conveyor was conceived in the summer of 2007 to minimize mobilization expense, increase portability, and enhanced productivity. It is a unique solution to material placement, and has a patent award (Patent Number: 6034-01001) from the United States Patent Office. It was first used on the reconstruction of Carpenter Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the fall of 2007. In August of 2008 the second Prototype was used on an I-75 reconstruction project near Saginaw, Michigan, on a concrete overlay project at the Cobb County Airport in Kennesaw, Georgia, at Detroit Metropolitan Airport North Terminal Project and various other paving projects in Michigan.

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