Two electricians and an engineer, experienced in building wood templates for light pole base construction, saw an opportunity to make the process safer, less costly and more efficient. The result is the BOLT STAR® reusable bolt template, manufactured by Construction Innovations LLC of Sacramento, California. Bolt Star holds four anchor bolts and conduits in place while supporting the rebar cage during the concrete pour of a light pole base foundation. The tool replaces an inefficient, wasteful and error-prone construction process of constructing light pole foundations involving building wood “templates” to pole manufacturer specifications for the correct anchor bolt size and position. Unlike the repetitive 14-step process of fabricating a wood template, Bolt Star mounts directly on the construction forming tube and takes just 6 steps to accomplish the same task – without the added logistics of ordering wood and gathering the drills and saws needed for the job. Bolt Star is 57% more efficient, eliminating the measuring, cutting and drilling of holes required to build each wood template.

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