The normal procedure industry employs in designing a Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) is to construct and test a prototype to determine the machine's actual output characteristics. This procedure is time-consuming and does not allow for an accurate insight into machine dynamics. This research project consists of an analytical method for determining torque, current, and flux linkages of an SRM. A magnetic circuit modelling approach is employed for this research and the machine dimension parameters of the SRM as well as the B-H curve magnetization characteristics are utilized. The objective of the magnetic circuit modelling approach is to obtain results which will be comparable to a machine modelled using the finite element method of flux determination. The magnetic circuit analysis uses a systematic approach for calculating the reluctances of the air gap between the stator and rotor poles in a typical SRM. The end result of the magnetic circuit model is a non-linear function with respect to flux. The operating characteristics of the SRM are modelled mathematically by using first-order differential equations of flux linkages with respect to current and rotor position. Rapid speed in calculation of the operating characteristics of an SRM results from the precalculation of the flux linkage to current relationship.

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