This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant DCI-8419745 and in part by the Innovative Science and Technology Office of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and was administered through the Office of Naval Research under contracts No. 00014-85 k-0588 and No. 00014-88-k-0723.


Most existing methods of mapping algorithms into processor arrays are restricted to the case where n-dimensional algorithms or algorithms with n nested loops are mapped into (n—l)-dimensional arrays. However, in practice, it is interesting to map n-dimensional algorithms into (k —l)-dimensional arrays where k<.n. For example, many algorithms at bit-level are at least 4-dimensional (matrix multiplication, convolution, LU decomposition, etc.) and most existing bit level processor arrays are 2-dimensional. A computational conflict occurs if two or more computations of an algorithm are mapped into the same processor and the same execution time. In this paper, necessary and sufficient conditions are derived to identify all mappings without computational conflicts, based on the Hermite normal form of the mapping matrix. These conditions are used to propose methods of mapping any n-dimensional algorithm into (k— l)-dimensional arrays, kn—3, optimality of the mapping is guaranteed.


processor array; time-optimal mapping; conflict-free; nested loops; bit-level algorithm.

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