This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. INT-8818039. The Government has certain rights in this material.


The Nihongo tutorial system presented here is an intelligent tutorial system designed to use a computer to assist scientists and engineers in developing reading competence in technical Japanese. It is comprised of three applications: the Nihongo Tutor, the Parse Tree Editor and the Administrator. The Nihongo Tutor provides useful information about an article such as an English translation, syntax, and pronunciation to help the student to comprehend the text of a personalized lesson. It also records the student's performance into his personal database which reflects his current Japanese language proficiency. The Administrator uses the personal data of a student to assign an article that is related to his technical interests and at his current level of Japanese competence. The Parse Tree Editor is used to prepare technical articles for the tutorial system by incorporating semantic, syntactic, phonetic, and morphological information into the parse tree of a sentence in each article. This report presents the technical details of the implementation of the Nihongo Tutorial System including both the data structures and algorithms employed.

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