In this paper we develop an algorithm to modify the trajectories of multiple robots in cooperative manipulation. If a given trajectory results in joint torques which exceed the admissible torque range for one or more joints, the algorithm slows down or speeds up the trajectory so as to maintain all the torques within the admissible boundary. Our trajectory modification algorithm uses the concept of time scaling developed by Hollerbach[10] for single robots. A multiple robot system in cooperative manipulation has significantly different dynamics compared to single robot dynamics. As a result, time scaling algorithm for single robots is not usable with multi-robot system. The trajectory scaling schemes described in this paper requires the use of linear programming techniques and is designed to accommodate the internal force constraints and payload distribution strategies. As the multi-robot system is usually redundantly actuated, the actuator torques may be found from the quadratic minimization which has the effect of lowering energy consumption for the trajectory. A scheme for generating a robust multi-robot trajectories when the carried load mass and inertia matrix are unknown but vary within a certain range is also described in this paper. Several examples are given to show the effectiveness of our multi-robot trajectory sealing scheme.

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