MSEE thesis


Several computationally efficient and innovative methods for the calculation of power system voltages due to nonsinusoidal demand currents are studied. The method is useful for power quality calculations. The method is introduced by using Laplace transform analysis to simplify the convolution of the transfer impedances and the demand currents. An iterative numerical inverse Laplace transform method is briefly examined. However, the problem characteristics allow Fourier transform analysis to be used. Furthermore, the fast Fourier transform is used to approximate the continuous Fourier transform. This discrete transform analysis method proves to be conveniently suitable to the problem definition. More importantly the discrete transform method proves to be superior to well known time domain methods. A real transform, the Hartley transform, which is computationally more efficient than the complex Fourier transform is also used to solve the problem. The methods are tested on an eight bus example power system. The main contribution of this thesis is the presentation of computationally efficient methodologies which are useful for the accurate analysis of the propagation of nonsinusoidal waveforms in power systems.

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